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September 15, 2016


Quogent LLC and InfoMajesty Inc to Combine Teams

Creation of highly focused leading business for next generation process automation, cloud and business performance solutions

Santa Clara, CA; Phoenix, AZ, September 15, 2016

Quogent LLC and InfoMajesty Inc. today announced that their directors unanimously approved a definitive agreement to combine teams and operations under a new company to be known as Quogent.  InfoMajesty will still operate through all existing engagements and in-process engagements into 2017 with leadership consolidating under Quogent.  The new business will have clear focus, a strong capital structure, nationwide reach, scale advantages, and an ability to deliver superior services for its customers.

“This transaction provides great opportunities for medium to large enterprises leveraging best-in-class automation technologies through innovative and cost effective methods,” said Robert S. Speck, Quogent’s CEO.  “Over the past decade, process excellence technologies and practices have transformed organizations large and small.  This transaction brings years of stellar project delivery innovation together with sophisticated business performance expertise to create tremendous value for our customers and partners.”  Mr. Sudesh Saoji, CEO and CTO of InfoMajesty notes, “This is an extraordinary opportunity to deliver long-term sustained value to our customers and to grow our offerings to include solutions that can be deployed in unprecedented timeframes.  We are thrilled to launch into this new phase of growth with the promise of superior service with targeted outcomes for our customers.”


Upon completion of the transaction, Robert S. Speck, will become the CEO of the newly formed Quogent, leading sales, channels and operations.  Sudesh Saoji, CEO of InfoMajesty will become the CTO, Chief Architect and Head of Services for Quogent.  Following the closing, Quogent will be dual headquartered in Santa Clara, California and Phoenix, Arizona.

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